Fortnightly Briefing 03/08 - COVID-19 Impact on East Africa

5 August 2020 Edwin Price

Every two weeks we are working with our partners Msingi and Kenya Markets Trust to produce a briefing on the impact of the crisis in East Africa.

Fortnightly Briefing 03/08 - COVID-19 Impact on East Africa

This covers information on the macroeconomic impact, how the sectors we work in are being affected, and the donor response. It also includes links to useful trackers and sources of further information.

You can download the latest briefing for the week commencing 03rd August by clicking here.

We've summarised what we're reading and hearing – we're sure there are gaps and would welcome further conversations and pointers to other helpful sources.

Image: Woman making protective face masks for the residents of Mathare in Nairobi, Kenya
Credit: Julius Mwelu for UN-Habitat


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