What does the future hold for East Africa?

17 October 2019 Lutendo Wigman

On Thursday 17th October 2019, Gatsby Africa announced the launch of Horizon East Africa, a joint research partnership with Msingi and Kenya Markets Trust. Horizon is focused on developing a series of forward-looking reports dedicated to exploring trends set to shape the future of East Africa. It aims to contribute to the conversation about East Africa’s future and help government, donors, firms and citizens to better mitigate risks and grasp the opportunities to come in the region.

What does the future hold for East Africa?

East Africa - like all regions and countries - faces the challenge of both trying to achieve rapid economic growth and then also trying to sustain it. More than ever, this requires an ability for individual sectors and overall economies to innovate and adapt on a continuous basis – however this can be challenging. East Africa is facing a wide array of trends that all those who operate in the region will have to navigate – some are global, some regional and some are specific to each country.

Horizon's first report explores trends at the regional level, bringing together global, regional and country data and research that is complemented by targeted intelligence-gathering from networks across East Africa.

As an organisation seeking meaningful and ambitious change over the long-term, we are keen to understand these trends to ensure the partnerships we have with East African governments and the private sector anticipate these changes and explore how they can be turned into opportunities.” Says
Justin Highstead, Executive Director of Gatsby Africa
Horizon’s task is to try to bring strands together, offering highlights from hundreds of reports and steering people’s attention to key data and findings they may have otherwise missed. We also look forward to the next phase where we will look at the trends impacting each country.
Linus Gitahi, Board Chair of Msingi
KMT are delighted to be part of this initiative. Everyone is aware times are changing. Kenya is going through a transition as a country, there are changes economically, demographically and technologically, as well as politically. It is critical that Kenya is able to understand, respond and thrive in these times of change – and these are issues key to the work of KMT in agriculture and the water sectors.
Patrick Obath, Chairman of KMT

Visit to download the full report and connect with the research team.  

The next Horizon report will focus on trends in Kenya.

What does the future hold for East Africa?