Gratian R. Bamwenda

Intervention Manager - Business Environment

Gatsby Africa - Textile Development Unit

Bamwenda, Gratian R.

What I do

My role is to support the accelerated development of Tanzania’s textiles and garments industry through analysis, review/formulation, and adequate implementation of enabling policies, strategies, institutional and regulatory frameworks, and viable approaches that will attract and spur incremental investments in the textiles industry and its competitiveness.

My vision is to see an increasing number of Tanzanians wearing clothes made in Tanzania and seeing ‘Made in Tanzania’ clothes in foreign department stores.

What motivates me

The development of the textile industry and allied value chains may concurrently advance several of Tanzania’s socio-economic development frameworks, with potentially transformative spillover effects. My interest is to support the industry to have access to requisite productive resources, adopt a favorable investment and business climate, make research-based decisions, have sound stakeholder relationships, and gain sustainable market opportunities. This may contribute to progressive industrialisation and generate incremental productive and decent employment and income opportunities.

My Path to Gatsby

I worked in the areas of green energy, scaling of industrial catalytic processing innovations, and automobile technology research and development in Poland, Canada and Japan, and then moved into the development of productivity-enhancing agricultural technologies, enterprise development, and capacity building of productive organizations in Tanzania. It was through work on developing alternative uses of cotton seeds and by-products that I came to know and become interested in Gatsby’s activities. I graduated from the Technical University of Wroclaw in Chemical Engineering (BSc and MSc) and Environmental Engineering (PhD), and have an MBA from Eastern and Southern Africa Management Institute.