Norbert Benker

Director of Institutional Support

Gatsby Africa - Nairobi Office

Benker, Norbert

What I do

Gatsby Africa founded and funds two institutions in East Africa who share our vision. I am representing Gatsby on the boards of both Msingi East Africa and Kenya Markets Trust. With these insights I am tasked to formulate and validate our approach of setting up independent institutions with in-house resources. This includes embedding them within their society and region, building local capacity and accountability, while maintaining our values and vision.

What motivates me

We work both as an implementor and as a think tank. Ambitious visions motivate me and let me dream big. At Gatsby, I have talented and dedicated colleagues who share my passion. Together we have the rare opportunity to solve some complex challenges with a funding and project horizon of 10+ years. This allows us to tackle fundamental questions and seek appropriate answers rather than short term fixes. I love our credo that if we don’t fail, we have been too complacent.

My Path to Gatsby

It’s now 10 years since I started to work for Gatsby as a consultant. My previous tasks were to provide support and oversight as a board director to three microfinance institutions that Gatsby once founded and funded. Subsequently, I turned them around and helped sell them to like-minded investors who continue to provide financial services to unbanked, rural communities in Tanzania, Uganda and Cameroon.