Ramadhan Simon Bilal

Field Forester

Forestry Development Trust

Bilal, Ramadhan Simon

What I do

I work in the field to impart village tree growers with the skills and knowledge in best silviculture practices, contributing to changes in tree growers’ mindsets as well as positive social impacts in relation to alleviating poverty within trees grower communities.

What motivates me

I like to contribute to improving opportunities for tree growers and workers in East Africa. I like to be among those helping change the mindset of societies in East Africa who have been used to the terminology of ‘planting trees’ instead of ‘growing trees’. With the right skills and knowledge, they can grow trees – shortening harvesting periods and increasing their incomes.

My Path to Gatsby

Previously I worked at Mufindi District Council as Field Forester for six years. While there, I worked on various projects, including Participatory Forestry Management Project, Sustainable Wetland Management Project, Lower Kihansi Environment Management Project, and the Eastern Arc Mountains Project.