Shukrani Biseko

Business and Market Facilitator

Forestry Development Trust

Biseko, Shukrani

What I do

My general work is to ensure that tree growers are getting access to the right technical skills for their plantation or woodlot’s optimal productivity. I am primarily working to assist sector players to establish tree seed distribution channels for the efficient flow of improved tree seeds to tree growers who currently have limited access to, and knowledge of, improved planting materials.

What motivates me

I am highly motivated by my footprint from my past work in the Southern Highlands that has paved my current path under Gatsby. The second motivation is the significance of the forestry sector and its contribution to the Southern Highland and overall Tanzania economy. The changes the Forestry Development Trust has brought to the sector are quite felt by stakeholders. Gatsby’s approach of addressing the real problems ensures the possibility of a long-term footprint. This motivates me a lot.

My Path to Gatsby

I am an experienced professional in agronomy science, several agricultural value chains and commercial forestry. My experience ranges from private business entities to donor-funded programs. I have worked in a number of sectors, including sugar cane, horticulture, bio-fuels, cocoa and forestry. I have also worked to set and refine a number of out-grower schemes. I am currently completing my MBA, majoring in Marketing, at the Open University of Tanzania. I hold a BSc in Agronomy from Sokoine University of Agriculture.