David Boselie

Head of Monitoring and Evaluation

Gatsby Africa - Dar Office

Boselie, David

What I do

As Head of Monitoring and Evaluation, I try to be constructively critical and provocative about the performance and impact claims of our programme teams. I assist the performance measurement teams across our portfolio in East Africa to capture the right data to support informed decision-making on our investments.

What motivates me

I like to contribute to improving opportunities for farmers and workers in East Africa that lead to social mobility for them and their children. I like to do this as a player in a team of passionate experts. Working in a trusted environment where learning from failure and celebrating the success of positive change are two sides of the same coin is highly motivating.

My Path to Gatsby

My career path has ranged from experiences including academic PhD research in Vietnam to consultant international supply chain development and importer of fairtrade and organic tropical fruits. The possibility with Gatsby to not only work on specific supply chain solutions, but to also address the systemic change needed to transform sectors, felt a natural step for working towards a fairer, more inclusive and sustainable world.