Ryan Bourque

Senior Manager for Knowledge Sharing

Gatsby Africa - London Office

Bourque, Ryan

What I do

Working on the Strategy & Learning Team, my role involves building strategic relationships with implementers and the research community, as well as supporting Gatsby in acting as an effective learning organisation.

What motivates me

I am driven by a desire to understand how positive social change happens both at an intellectual level, but also because I wish to become an effective change agent. This passion fuelled my previous work consulting with NGOs, development implementers, and donors in East Africa. It also drove me to Gatsby, where I see our ability to think in long-term horizons, act politically, and take an evidence-based approach to our work as refreshing in a sector sometimes constrained by bureaucracy, inefficient use of funds, and short-term targets.

My Path to Gatsby

I have been interested in development since university, where I was active in my local chapter of Engineers Without Borders. This led me to pursue a graduate degree in development, which in turn prompted subsequent work on aid transparency and a move to Ghana. After eventually settling in Kampala, Uganda, I spent five years building Pollen Group, a consulting firm whose mission revolved around supporting organisations in thinking more strategically and systemically about their work in economic development.