Quiller Brooke

Senior Programme Manager - Knowledge

Gatsby Africa - London Office

Brooke, Quiller

What I do

Based in London, with a significant portion of my time spent in East Africa, I lead Gatsby’s knowledge management, supporting our programmes through:

  1. Development of our approach to sector transformation and materials to support its practical implementation,
  2. Training staff on our approach, followed by ongoing coaching and support, and,
  3. Analytical support to programme teams on specific issues and interventions.

What motivates me

The potential in East Africa is there for all to see, but unlocking it is not always straightforward. Gatsby’s model recognises that to achieve substantive long-term change requires simultaneously working with both the public and private sector over the long-term to facilitate changes in the structure, functioning and governance of sectors. Working towards ambitious positive change, surrounded by other equally motivated individuals across Gatsby’s programmes and partners is hugely inspiring.

My Path to Gatsby

I joined Gatsby in 2016 after six years strategy consulting with PwC. Based in London, but with projects from Milwaukee to Malaysia, I led the development of innovative approaches to measure and value businesses’ impact and dependencies on natural and social capital across their value chain. Prior to PwC, I worked at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development in Paris researching the cost-effectiveness of environmental markets, and also spent two years in the West African petroleum industry. I have a BA in Biological Sciences from Oxford University, and a MSc in Environmental and Development Economics from University College London.