Justin Changa

Chief Driver

Forestry Development Trust

Changa, Justin

What I do

As Chief Driver I manage all vehicles (including motorcycles) by making sure they are maintained, reporting any defects, and organising repairs. I also make sure all road fees are paid on time. I line manage all drivers in terms of field and leave allocation. In addition, I generate monthly fuel allocation reports for all departments.

What motivates me

I am inspired to be a Chief Driver at FDT as fleet management is handled well, with timely handling of all fleet-related issues and payment of costs. The communication and cooperation among all drivers and staff is good, which eases vehicle allocation and smooth operations.

My Path to Gatsby

I completed a Mechanics course at the Vocational Education and Training Authority from 1993-1997. Later I pursued a Driving course at the same centre. In 2003, I joined Highland Estate as a Driver. In 2012, I joined New Forest Company, also as a Driver.