Afrika Chongolo

Field Attendant

Forestry Development Trust

Chongolo, Afrika

What I do

I work under the Genetic Resources component of the Forestry Development Trust, supervising and managing field workers, land preparation, planting activities and fire protection around our demonstration and trial sites. I am responsible for maintaining safe conditions on the site, and ensuring the quality of work produced by field workers. I am also in charge of field tools and equipment, and in general control of the store. In addition, I observe and report any disease outbreak or pest attacks in the demos and trials.

What motivates me

Gatsby Africa’s objectives toward sector transformation and poverty alleviation have triggered enthusiasm and motivation in me to add my experience of establishing and maintaining demo and research infrastructures.

My Path to Gatsby

I used to work with Green Resources Limited, where I was a Field Supervisor, overseeing the full range of field activities, such as preparation for planting (including pre-planting chemical weeding, lining and marking for pitting), planting, and heading the fire crew at the time of any fire hazards.