Hilda Barasa

Business Analyst

Gatsby Africa - Kenya Commercial Forestry Programme

Barasa, Hilda

What I do

My role seeks to deliver high-quality analysis across the lifecycle of the stakeholder/partner engagement process. On a day-to-day basis this involves framing sector issues and engagement opportunities strategically with stakeholders, translating how the political economy of the sector informs the programme’s planning of partnership opportunities, and supporting the implementation of partnership activities. My current focus is on establishing targeted research and development arrangements for species and clonal trials between public and private sector forestry actors.

What motivates me

Gatsby takes an ambitious yet holistic approach towards sector transformation. Kenya’s forestry sector, in comparison with others in the region, is challenging because of two unique factors – competing interests for high potential land which means commercial forestry needs to be competitive in semiarid areas; and a fairly young legislative environment governing the sector. I’m motivated by the opportunity to tackle head-on the challenge of commercial forestry in Kenya, and to shift the needle forward towards a more competitive, inclusive and resilient sector.

My Path to Gatsby

My educational background is in economics and urban development. Prior to joining Gatsby, I worked as a Consultant with a pan-African advisory firm helping companies evaluate their market entry options on the continent. I’ve also worked as a Grants Associate with HomeStart Inc and the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University.