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Technicians Awarded the Royal Society’s Hauksbee Award

30 August 2023 Helen Esposito

Congratulations to all of the Technicians: We Make the Difference over 100 Technicians who have collectively been awarded The Royal Society Hauksbee Award 2023, which recognises them for generously offering their time, support and input to Technicians: The David Sainsbury Gallery at the Science Museum and Gatsby Foundation’s Technicians: We Make the Difference campaign. 

The Royal Society Hauksbee Award is awarded for outstanding achievements in science to an individual or team whose work is mostly ‘behind the scenes’ or in support, including technicians, research office staff or other contributors who might not normally be recognised.   The Technicians Gallery and the campaign aim to inspire the next generation of the technical workforce a

Building careers advisers’ awareness of technical education options

10 August 2023 Natasha Watkinson

Gatsby and the Career Development Institute (CDI) have today - 10 August 2023 - announced a new project to build careers advisers’ awareness of technical education options.

Careers advisers are key channels of communication for information about technical education options – including T-levels, Higher Technical Qualifications and apprenticeships. Gatsby and the CDI recognise that an up-to-date understanding of technical education options is crucial to careers advisers’ ability to provide impartial guidance to young people. Equipping young people with high

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