• Good Career Guidance

    Every young person needs high-quality career guidance to make informed decisions about their future. Good career guidance is a necessity for social mobility: those young people without significant social capital or home support to draw upon have the most to gain from high-quality career guidance.

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  • Technical Education Reform

    In late 2015 David Sainsbury was asked by government to chair a panel of experts that would provide clear recommendations for measures that would not only improve, but transform, technical education in England. The panel’s report was published alongside the government’s Post-16 Skills Plan in July 2016.

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  • STEM Skills in the Workforce

    Technicians are the linchpins of the UK economy. They are skilled people who use their science, engineering or technology knowledge to identify and solve practical problems. They are the electricians and plumbers that we all rely on, but they are also crucial to the success of many of our country’s future-growth areas, including the aerospace, chemical, digital, engineering, and manufacturing industries.

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  • Science and maths in schools

    Once in secondary education, exposure to effective science and maths teaching delivered by teachers that are knowledgeable and passionate about their subject can be transformative. That is why we care about the supply and training of specialist teachers in these subjects.

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Education Latest

Higher technical education gets a boost

16 June 2021 Agnes Donnelly

Known as the 'missing middle' of England's education system, higher technical education (HTE) got a welcome boost last week when the government announced £30m of investment in capacity building and course development over the next year. HTE is a critical area of education provision in England, offering vital progression pathways for young people wanting to access high-skilled jobs early in their careers, as well as opportunities for upskilling and retraining the adult workforce.

The announcement included a new £18m Growth Fund will provide support for Further Education Colleges (FECs), universities and independent training providers intending to offer digital, health & science and construction Higher Technical Qualifications as they become approved by IFATE over the next 2 years. Funding will enable providers to meet the demands of these high qual

Student, college and school perspectives on information shared about educational pathways

15 June 2021 Agnes Donnelly

A new report by Pye Tait, examining the breadth, quality and frequency of information being provided to school and college students about their onward education options has revealed a persistent gap in knowledge of 11–19-year-olds between academic routes and technical education routes.

Over 300 students were surveyed and interviewed, and reported that they heard about A-levels more than any other option (in some cases talking about A-levels weekly throughout their school life), with most satisfied about the level of information about this route. This contrasts with their experience of the range of technical options, where a fifth of respondents said they were dissatisfied with t

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