• Good Career Guidance

    In 2013 we commissioned Sir John Holman to research what pragmatic actions could improve career guidance in England. The Good Career Guidance Benchmarks which emerged from the report have now been adopted as part of the Government's careers strategy for schools and colleges.

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  • Technical Education Reform

    In late 2015 David Sainsbury was asked by government to chair a panel of experts that would provide clear recommendations for measures that would not only improve, but transform, technical education in England. The panel’s report was published alongside the government’s Post-16 Skills Plan in July 2016.

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  • STEM Skills in the Workforce

    Technicians are the linchpins of the UK economy. They are skilled people who use their science, engineering or technology knowledge to identify and solve practical problems. They are the electricians and plumbers that we all rely on, but they are also crucial to the success of many of our country’s future-growth areas, including the aerospace, chemical, digital, engineering, and manufacturing industries.

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  • Science and maths in schools

    Once in secondary education, exposure to effective science and maths teaching delivered by teachers that are knowledgeable and passionate about their subject can be transformative. That is why we care about the supply and training of specialist teachers in these subjects.

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Education Latest

The Opportunities for Learning Factories in the UK

26 January 2021 Michelle Rea

Gatsby recently commissioned Dr Stuart Edwards to review what opportunities the concept of Learning Factories in the UK bring in enhancing collaboration between industry and technical education and what existing facilities and approaches could be better co-ordinated to get the most out of the Learning Factories model.

The concept of a learning factory refers to a facility with aspects of an authentic production environment designed and used primarily for the purpose of learning. The purpose of The Opportunities for Learning Factories in the UK report is to lay the groundwork for implementing the promotion of learning factories in the UK following previous international visits and work Gatsby has under

FE White Paper Published

21 January 2021 Michelle Rea

Gatsby welcomes today’s (Thursday 21 January) publication of the Government’s White Paper on Further Education that sets out ambitious plans for the country to have world class technical education and career guidance.

The White Paper, Skills for Jobs: Lifelong Learning for Opportunity and Growth, reaffirms that employers must be at the heart of technical education and careers guidance. If employers value and have a meaningful role in shaping the system, this opens up high-quality and rewarding opportunities for young people and adults.  Achieving employer buy-in will be critical to the success of almost al

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