Legal and Administrative

The Gatsby Charitable Foundation was established under a Trust Deed dated 17 March 1967 and is registered with the Charity Commission under No. 251988.

The Foundation is an endowed grant-making trust. Its Trust Deed states that it has general charitable objectives. The Trustees can therefore give money to any charitable cause. The Foundation's capital - its expendable endowment - has all been provided by the founder (or 'Settlor'), David Sainsbury. The Trustees make grants by using the income and sometimes by drawing on the capital. They do not raise money from the public or elsewhere.

Over more than 45 years of grant-making, the Trustees have chosen to concentrate their support in a limited number of fields of activity. These fields are adapted over time with the help of outside experts and through interaction with the organisations whose work has been helped by the Foundation.

The Trustees generally do not make grants in response to unsolicited applications and do not normally make grants to individuals.

Settlor: David Sainsbury
Trustees: Joseph Burns; Judith Portrait; Lucy Sainsbury

The Foundation is one of the Sainsbury Family Charitable Trusts which share a common administration. Information on the other Trusts can be found at