About Us

Gatsby is committed to strengthening the country’s science and engineering skills. Our focus is technical education and we’ve two motivations for that. Firstly, by focusing on the shortage of technicians in the workforce, we tackle a critical factor in improving the country’s productivity and growth. Secondly, technical education and technical careers open up a world of opportunities for people who traditionally have been poorly served by this country’s education system.

Students in a technology classroom
Technicians Make it Happen stand
Students in science classroom
Young woman receiving career guidance

David Sainsbury was asked by government to chair a panel of experts to provide clear recommendations to not only improve, but transform, technical education in England. That report was published with the government’s Post-16 Skills Plan in July 2016.

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Today our efforts are broadly concentrated around four Focus Areas:

For news of our current work you can follow us on Twitter: @GatsbyEd or visit the Latest section in Gatsby Education.