Focus Areas

Science and maths in schools

Once in secondary education, exposure to effective science and maths teaching delivered by teachers that are knowledgeable and passionate about their subject can be transformative. That is why we care about the supply and training of specialist teachers in these subjects.

Science and maths in schools

We have also supported national initiatives that promote science and maths in schools because we believe that these offer the inspiration and knowledge that can switch on a curiosity and interest in science, leading to a science or engineering career later in life. Critical in nurturing curiosity and interest is exposure to activities that include practical science activity in schools; bringing to life the theory and underpinning knowledge.

However, good practical science experience does much more than just develop interest. It provides opportunities to develop skills crucial in science and engineering careers, such as; precision, accurate measurement, and mastery of equipment - as well as vital transferable skills such as team-work, resilience and analysis.

Our work in this area falls under three strands through which we seek to: 

  • Ensure adequate teacher supply and fit-for-purpose science and maths GCSE and A-level qualifications;

  • Promote the use of engaging practical science activity; and

  • Support and promote a small number of national initiatives which encourage STEM in schools.
Science and maths in schools