Gatsby is a foundation set up by David Sainsbury to realise his charitable objectives

About Gatsby


  • Annual Review 2015

    We have published our latest annual review, updating you on our work across all of Gatsby's programmes in 2014/15. Click 'Learn More' below to download the full report.

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    Our infographic sets out the impacts of various interventions on the recruitment of physics teachers since 2002. We’ve updated this resource to reflect the latest census data from the Department for Education for the 2015 intake.

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  • Sainsbury Wellcome Centre

    We are partnering with the Wellcome Trust to establish this new research centre, where scientists will use state-of-the-art techniques to investigate how circuits in the brain process information to create neural representations and guide behaviour.

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  • Sainsbury Laboratory Cambridge

    The Sainsbury Laboratory Cambridge University, opened in 2011, houses 150 scientists, technicians and support staff working at the frontiers of knowledge in plant growth and development, addressing some of the greatest challenges of the 21st century.

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  • East African Sector Development

    We fund and implement programmes that aim to transform the performance of key sectors in East Africa by tackling both immediate constraints and long-term structural challenges. Ultimately we look to build competitive and profitable sectors with the mechanisms to adapt to future circumstances, ensuring sustainable growth while creating jobs and raising incomes.

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