Focus Areas

Strategic Partnerships

We collaborate with like-minded organisations to enhance our outreach. Strategic partnerships range from supporting capital projects to funding meetings and symposia as well as building the capacity of organisations representing neuroscience interests.

Strategic Partnerships

Our largest collaboration is with the Wellcome Trust to build the Sainsbury Wellcome Centre for Neural Circuits and Behaviour at University College London. Another long term project is a partnership with the Kavli Foundation to fund the Society for Neuroscience’s, which aims to be the ultimate online resource for public information about neuroscience.

A recent collaboration with a number of institutions and agencies supports a consortium to develop new cutting-edge neuroprobes that will allow neuroscience researchers to collect more data and better interpret their results.

Our latest partnership is with WiredDifferently, a new non-profit organisation that is developing a number of citizen science projects in the neuroscience domain.

In addition, we partner with many organisations to support meetings, courses and symposia across the world.

Strategic Partnerships