Focus Areas

Technical Education and Skills

The UK has a shortage of technicians and without significant and sustained action this shortage will worsen in the coming decades, threatening our future economic prosperity.

Technical Education and Skills

We aim to increase the number of people with Level 3 and 4 STEM skills by promoting the status of science, engineering and IT technicians and supporting technician training pathways and qualifications that deliver real benefit to those who pursue them.

We believe that professional bodies have a key role to play in tackling this shortage by developing professional registration standards for transferable skills that meet employer needs. We are working with the Science Council, the Engineering Council, BCS (The Chartered Institute for IT) and others to reinvigorate the existing technician registration schemes in science, engineering and IT.

To complement our efforts in strengthening the technician registration framework, we have also focused our attention on the routes people take to reach registration level. Expanding the number of apprenticeships is clearly central to creating a strong technician class. But so too is ensuring qualifications exist which genuinely meet the needs of employers and therefore bring enhanced employment prospects in the labour market.

Our work in supporting the supply and status of technicians continues to grow. We understand the challenges are far from trivial and change cannot be brought about quickly. But the prize we are chasing - improved social mobility for many and increased prosperity for all - is so great that we are committed to finding sustainable solutions that work for the long term.

Technical Education and Skills