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  • Students looking at paper on desk Our Work with Physics Teachers - an introduction

    The shortage of physics teachers in the classroom continues to be a significant concern. Over the last decade we have undertaken a substantial programme of work designed to recruit and retain high quality physics teachers.

  • The Physics Enhancement Programme

    We supported the Physics Enhancement Programme to increase the number of physics specialists entering teaching. The Programme enabled recruitment of those with different degrees by offering intensive physics courses before initial teacher teaching.

  • * Mentoring Support For New Teachers

    We have supported mentoring programmes for new physics and chemistry teachers, focusing on those teachers who are the only specialist in their schools. We have also commissioned evaluations of mentoring programmes for maths and science teachers.

  • army soldiers studying Recruiting Physics Teachers from the Armed Forces

    We have developed a pilot route into physics teaching for those leaving the armed forces with relevant experience in engineering and other technical fields, but who do not have the university degree required for traditional entry to teacher training.

  • Person clicking mouse and keyboard Diagnostic Subject Knowledge Testing

    We are developing diagnostic tests to help define the subject knowledge required to be a specialist physics or chemistry teacher and to allow teachers to identify gaps in their own knowledge and find appropriate resources to address them.

  • Marketing Initiative for Teacher Recruitment

    We support the Marketing Initiative for Teacher Recruitment, which aims to increase the number of applicants to physics teacher training courses by helping training providers improve their marketing strategies, events and promotional material.

  • Teacher Training Projects

    Gatsby has worked with a variety of universities on a number of teacher training projects and piloted a range of innovative approaches to initial teacher education, with the overall target of improving the teaching of STEM subjects in schools.

  • Teach First

    Teach First recruits exceptional graduates to teach in schools in challenging circumstances. We have supported Teach First on a range of projects, including ones aimed at increasing the number of physics specialists recruited onto the programme.