Creating Centres of Excellence

The Sainsbury Laboratory, University of Cambridge

Funding World-Class Research

Wheat trials in Mexico

Networking Plant Scientists

Young plant scientists meet to hear about and discuss contemporary research.

Inspiring Undergraduates

Undergraduate students at the Gatsby Plants Summer School

Enriching School Science

School students being guided through a Science and Plants for Schools practical.

Highlighted Projects

Sainsbury Laboratory Cambridge University

Sainsbury Laboratory, Cambridge

The Sainsbury Laboratory Cambridge University, opened in 2011, will house 150 scientists, technicians and support staff working at the frontiers of knowledge in plant growth and development, addressing some of the greatest challenges of the 21st century.

The Sainsbury Laboratory - Norwich

Visualization of the actin cytoskeleton (in green) in a Hyaloperonospora arabidopsidis-infected Arabidopsis mesophyll cell

This Laboratory opened on the campus of the John Innes Centre in 1989 and has established a global reputation in plant and microbial science. The Lab is dedicated to daring, long-term research which will help reduce crop losses to important diseases.

Sainsbury PhD Studentships

Doreen Feike, Sainsbury PhD student, John Innes Centre

Rigorous selection criteria, generous funding, high expectations and a comprehensive package of training ensure our PhD studentships attract and develop exceptional talent among young scientists who will become tomorrow’s leaders in science.

Science and Plants for Schools

School students doing a SAPS practical

We have supported Science and Plants for Schools for more than 20 years in its work to strengthen plant science education in schools by inspiring the next generation of plant scientists and supporting teachers to bring plant science to life for all pupils.

  • Plant science network

    Undergraduate at the Gatsby Plants Summer School

    Supporting talent and raising aspirations

    The Gatsby Plant Science Network meets every year for presentations, talks and discussions, and provides an important forum for those undergraduate and postgraduate students supported by Gatsby to meet influential members of the plant science community.