WiredDifferently - EyeWire

We are supporting WiredDifferently, a new non-for-profit organisation leading several citizen science projects for neuroscience.

WiredDifferently - EyeWire

We previously supported Professor Sebastian Seung’s laboratory as part of the Gatsby Connectomics Consortium to use computer vision to enhance the accuracy of tracing analysis by humans of microscope images for high-throughput construction of neural circuit wiring diagrams.

This led to the creation of EyeWire in 2012, which has become an online gaming community for neuroscience. It currently has ~150,000 players across 130 countries. This semi-automated segmentation uses up to 100 times less human labour than purely manual work. EyeWire is successfully and rapidly contributing to high-impact discoveries in neuroscience, such as direction selectivity in the retina.

Given this success in both engaging the public and delivering information for research, we have supported the establishment of WiredDifferently, which includes the EyeWire platform. They will collaborate with best-in-class partners to develop the platform and maximise impact. In this way, WiredDifferently will be a unique, genuine entwining of education, research and entertainment in the field of neuroscience.

EyeWire aspires to register one million members, a feat not yet achieved by any citizen science project. We encourage you to sign up, enjoy the game, map the brain, and assist neuroscience research.