Building careers advisers’ awareness of technical education options

10 August 2023 Natasha Watkinson

Gatsby and the Career Development Institute (CDI) have today - 10 August 2023 - announced a new project to build careers advisers’ awareness of technical education options.

Careers advisers are key channels of communication for information about technical education options – including T-levels, Higher Technical Qualifications and apprenticeships. Gatsby and the CDI recognise that an up-to-date understanding of technical education options is crucial to careers advisers’ ability to provide impartial guidance to young people. Equipping young people with high quality and up to date information about technical education pathways is also key to the success of the ongoing technical education reforms.

Beth Jones, Head of Career Programmes at Gatsby says: 

To be given ‘good career guidance’ is to be equipped with knowledge and understanding of all the options and routes available. Earlier this year, Gatsby Trustees encouraged us to identify ways to help England’s careers advisers get what they need to provide advice on technical education and what the changing landscape means.

We are therefore delighted to be partnering with the CDI in this endeavour over the next three years to provide freely available resources and training for careers advisers. By collaborating with the CDI as the technical education reforms continue their phased rollout, we hope to help thousands of careers advisers continue to offer ‘good career guidance’ that is responsive, relevant, and future-focused.

Further information on the project is available here.