Devolution and the skills system

30 November 2015 Jenifer Burden

Devolution deals across England have continued at pace in 2015, and we now know that a substantial proportion of proposals submitted to government by Local Enterprise Partnerships have asked for greater powers over the skills system.

Devolution and the skills system

With Gatsby’s aim of supporting effective, high-quality education and training for those pursuing technical occupations, we have worked with the Institute for Government (IfG) to develop a framework that supports the decision-making process for skills devolution.

Dr. Jo Casebourne’s blog on the IfG website provides a useful round-up of the research behind this tool, and also sets out potential opportunities of skills decentralisation that have been identified through the process.

IfG are now working on a generic framework that could be used across other policy areas relevant to decentralisation.

For more information on the framework you can contact:

Dr. Jo Casebourne (Programme Director):

Joe Randall (Researcher):

Devolution and the skills system