Digital roles in non-digital industries

7 December 2022 Dominic Martinez

Gatsby and the Association of Colleges have produced a set of resources to demonstrate the opportunities available for digital roles outside of companies typically thought of as ‘digital’.

Digital roles in non-digital industries

Working with students, providers and employers across England, we set out to showcase the wide-ranging opportunities that exist for digital roles beyond the digital sector. We know that digital roles exist across a huge variety of organisations – from supporting digital infrastructure in the NHS to app development for the charity sector. The examples in the resource pack are designed to encourage students and providers to look at options beyond working for a tech startup or global digital giant when thinking about T-level industry placement opportunities and future career paths:

The case studies were designed and created by Digital T-level students, demonstrating the skills and industry insights they have gained as part of their programmes.

The assets on this site include social media videos, case studies, labour market information and ideas about how to use these tools to help T-level students broaden their thinking and secure digital industry placements across a wide range of sectors. These resources are freely available, so feel free to share them with your networks.

Digital roles in non-digital industries