Establishing support networks for curriculum planning

5 June 2024 Sue Clarke

Gatsby is supporting new collaborative curriculum planning networks, each working with a small group of colleges and facilitated by experienced FE curriculum professionals. The focus for each group will be shaped by the network members to support practical next steps for curriculum reform implementation.

Establishing support networks for curriculum planning

This project aims to provide support for curriculum reform through a network model, benefitting from the experience of practising FE curriculum professionals.

The project seeks to:

  • provide opportunities for collaboration and sharing, adopting and adapting practice
  • build confidence in curriculum choices
  • flex approaches to adapt to institutional needs
  • link with other support programmes where appropriate.

This project has launched to coincide with Department for Education’s ongoing process of reforming post 16 qualifications at level 3 and below. 

Earlier this year DFE published details of new academic and technical qualifications that have been approved for first teaching from 2025, and information on qualifications that will no longer be funded. The networks will help practitioners to implement any new study programmes and pathways to progression.

The first support network has launched with a sub-group of Colleges in the West Midlands, facilitated by Kate Webb (The KWP Partnership) and focussed on designing and sharing innovative pathways in the West Midlands.  From expressions of interest, we expect most networks will not be regionally based but will benefit from expertise outside the local area.

There are opportunities to get involved so, if you are interested, please contact Sue Clarke, Project Manager, for further information.

Establishing support networks for curriculum planning