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Institute for Government

The Institute for Government works with political parties in Westminster and senior civil servants in Whitehall to make government more effective. It provides impartial, evidence-based advice, drawing on best practice from around the world.

Institute for Government

The Institute for Government was founded in 2008 with the simple but demanding objective of making government more effective. It is independent, non-partisan and accountable to a distinguished all-party board of governors chaired by David Sainsbury.

The Institute works with all the main political parties at Westminster and with senior civil servants in Whitehall. Its impartial, evidence-based advice draws on both best practice from around the world and the experiences of those who have been inside government - in the UK and overseas.

The Institute works across several themes, including improving policy-making and managing the civil service. It conducts research and examines the latest evidence on critical issues within each theme, aiming to challenge conventional thinking and generate debate where appropriate. The Institute disseminates its findings and practical recommendations through a wide range of publications, workshops and seminars.

As well as improving institutions and processes, the Institute also aims to make government more effective by enhancing the performance of individuals. It runs personalised learning and development programmes for special advisers, new MPs and existing and shadow cabinet members. The programmes include group sessions, expert seminars and individual mentoring.

Gatsby funded the set-up of the Institute and contributes towards its core costs.