E-Assessment in Technical Education

22 October 2021 Michelle Rea

Today (22 October) we publish our latest report by Stuart Edwards: Review of the Potential for E-Assessment for Technical Education in England, which focuses on current and potential future use of e-assessment for assessing technical education in England.

“E-Assessment”, in broad terms is the assessment of knowledge, skills, and capabilities of people through technology. The report explores the challenges and opportunities of its use, including:

  • the current context, issues and challenges for the assessment of technical education and skills in England;
  • the current state of play with technology-based approaches to assessment and their potential for further development, particularly where relevant to issues and challenges identified for technical education and skills in England; and
  • the challenges and barriers that need to be addressed for progress to be made with encouraging the adoption of innovative approaches to e-assessment.

Dr Edwards has provided a helpful overview in his own words in the first of a two-part series for FE News that sets out the case for change:

“The everyday lives of young people are increasingly digital. The world of work they are being prepared to enter is increasingly digital. The means by which we ask them to prove their readiness for that world seems increasingly out of step.

“Yet the potential exists for more transformative use of technology that is not only better in step with the real world but could help address some of fundamental challenges associated with assessing technical education.”

Download the full report here.

Read Stuart Edward’s FE News article here.