Institutes of Technology - levelling up the country's technical skills

16 June 2022 Sophie Noble

Gatsby is pleased to have supported the development of a report produced on behalf of the Institutes of Technology Network. Released today (16 June), the report titled ‘The skills to succeed: Meeting the country’s evolving technical skills needs’ looks at a range of challenges that communities face today, including sustainable construction and energy, and how Institutes of Technology are helping to plug the skills gaps.

Institutes of Technology - levelling up the country's technical skills

Research released alongside the report shows that almost three-quarters of people in the UK (71%) would consider a home to be worth more money if it was sustainably constructed. However, despite this appetite for greener living, the report outlines that a workforce with the right technical skills is needed to make it a reality; and explores how Institutes of Technology are helping to address this shortage.

Commenting on the release of the report, Rosa Wells, Chair of the Institutes of Technology Network, said:

It’s positive to see that consumers are placing such importance on living sustainably and the good news is that there are many opportunities available today to improve the sustainability of our homes; from the array of renewable energy options, to increasing the efficiency of homes through good insulation. 

“However, there is a pressing need for workers with the knowledge needed to meet the growing demand, which is a real challenge for employers. We can’t drive forward substantial change in these areas without the workforce to carry it out, so Institutes of Technology are working closely with local communities and employers to identify exactly what the needs are, then skilling new workers and upskilling existing workers to meet them."

Michelle Donelan, Minister for Higher and Further Education, said:

“Institutes of Technology are not only playing a critical role in helping to close skills gaps in key sectors such as sustainable construction, but crucially, they are providing people with high quality technical training that leads to good jobs, helping to level up opportunity across our country.

“The need to support sectors such as advanced manufacturing and engineering, construction and digital looks set to only grow and with their close ties to employers, Institutes of Technology will be the driving force behind ensuring the workforce is ready for future technological change and changing working practices.”

The report covers: Energy and how we can power the nation in new ways; building a sustainable future through Construction; tackling threats to national security through Cyber Security; how Electric Vehicles are driving transport innovation; and cultivating technical skills in Agriculture.

Read the full report here.

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Institutes of Technology - levelling up the country's technical skills