Public Policy


Centre for Science, Technology & Innovation Policy

The Centre for Science, Technology & Innovation Policy carries out practical policy research exploring what makes national innovation systems effective at translating new science and engineering ideas into technologies, industries and economic wealth.

Centre for Science, Technology & Innovation Policy

Based at Cambridge University’s Institute for Manufacturing, CSTI’s research projects are designed to support the evidence needs of science, technology and innovation policymakers, in particular those officials in public research agencies who are responsible for programme design, portfolio management and strategy development.  The CSTI research agenda is shaped in collaboration with policy and research agency partners.

Its projects are currently organised within five closely integrated research themes:

The public research base and the dynamics of innovation

Exploring the contribution of public research and higher education organisations to technological and industrial change and economic development.

Technological, manufacturing & industrial systems

Characterisation of enabling technologies, production technologies and processes, value chain systems; and associated industrial/innovation capabilities and competences.

Science, Technology & Industrial Emergence

Innovation system functions-based approaches to mapping emerging technology dynamics and practical foresight-related analyses for policy and research strategy development.

Innovation System Institutions: Regulation & Standards

Exploring the role of evolving innovation system institutions (in particular standardisation and regulatory activities) on the emergence of new technologies and industries.

Economic Value Capture from Industrial-Innovation Systems

Analysis of sources of national economic value capture from modern manufacturing systems in the context of technological and industrial change.

Example CSTI studies include a benchmarking analysis of quantum technologies for the Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council; a review of international advanced materials strategies for the Government Office of Science; and an analysis of international manufacturing innovation priorities for Innovate UK and the Department of Business, Innovation & Skills.

As part of its work comparing technology and industrial policies in different countries, CSTI also convenes a number of policy dialogue workshops in the UK and abroad.  For example, in 2015 a workshop, focusing on ‘manufacturing and innovation policy’, was held in the White House and opened by President Obama’s chief science & technology advisor, Dr John Holdren.